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Lawn Maintenance Facts and Tips

A beautiful lawn garden can be a source of simple pleasures, a place you can call your own, spend time with your family, enjoy the early morning sunshine, play with your kids and pets, and simply relax from work and school. When it comes to lawn care, the essential things you need to do include mowing, aerating, watering, and fertilizing, which can help your lawn garden look beautiful and fresh. Feeding your lawn garden with fertilizer is crucial for the proper growth of your plants and the overall look of your garden, and the proper timing and the method of applying fertilizer really make a huge difference. For those who live in the Northern part of the country, the right time to feed is during fall and spring, while for those who live in the south, it is spring and summer. Timing is important because grasses need to be fed when they are actively growing.

Aeration is essential to reduce thatch buildup and to loosen the soil. The right time to aerate your lawn is when the soil is moist and the grasses are actively growing. You need to water your lawn or wait for a good rain before aerating your lawn because a dry and hard soil will hinder the aerators from penetrating the soil deeply. Grub killers must be applied early summer because grubs are unnoticed until fall when there is obvious damage, making them difficult to control. You lawn needs occasional irrigation so it remains green during summer dry spells, and watering should be done early in the morning. Early morning watering can lessen the chance of watering unlike nighttime which can cause prolonged moisture leading to disease, and avoid afternoon watering as evaporation causes significant water loss in your lawn garden. Water your lawn once or twice a week until the soil is wet several inches down to encourage deep roots from developing.

Using the one-third rule, it is important to mow your lawn garden as needed to keep its beautiful look and healthy appearance. You need to mow your lawn every four to five days during spring when the growth of grass is vigorous and at least once a week on the other season. Don’t cut the grass more than one-third of its height. Don’t worry if you can’t find time to care for your lawn because you can simply hire a lawn specialist such as Arlington Lawn Care, specializing also in irrigation and landscaping. You can visit our website or homepage for more info about Arlington Lawn Care.

Smart Ideas: Options Revisited

Smart Ideas: Options Revisited