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What You Should Know About a Mold Remediation Company Before You Hire Them

Water damage might cause considerable mold problems, possibly leading to serious health issues. Trying to resolve the mold issue yourself usually makes the situation worse, mainly because you have no expert knowledge or experience in proper containment.

Searching for a qualified remediator who knows the risks of incorrect remediation can be hard. Be sure to do a little research before choosing a mold remediation company.

Mold Remediation Principle

Remediators are not health practitioners, but they have to understand that indoor water damage is toxic.

Post-project Environment Testing

Some type of testing is necessary before and after to show the project’s success or failure. This testing must not be done by the remediator because of the obvious conflict of interest. Instead, do a third-party testing for more accurate results. A remediator must never ignore the importance of testing.


Mold remediation contractors must document their work using digital photos. This is specifically true for projects that entail removing building materials. After the work is completed, the customer must be able to look at digital pictures.

Containment Protocol

Any company that does not believe in the importance of containment is not worth considering. Two examples of proper containment techniques commonly used today include protecting entrance points to containment site, and plastic sheeting. HEPA filtering of negative air machines (NAMs) is also a must and should be done in outdoor space.


There are contractors who are without any kind of insurance, which can decrease your cost. However, you could be liable when injuries or accidental property damage occurs. Stick to companies that practice business legitimately.

Safety Gear

Personnel must work with respirators, safety glasses and hazmat suits. Disposable shoe covers must be worn on location because foot traffic can cause cross-contamination.

Waste Disposal Processes

Waste material has to be bagged and disposed of right after removal. Stuff shouldn’t be left around premises. The route has to be as quick as possible to control possible breakage or leakage. Bagged objects need to be double bagged to block cross contamination.

Securing Machines and Equipment

HEPA vacuums and aiir scrubbers are fundamental to the mold remediation process. Such equipment needs to be properly wrapped before getting inside your site as they may be contaminated from previous jobs, which can only make your situation worse.

If you meet a contractor dismisses your safety concerns, look for another prospect. Remember, you are the expert in terms of your health and your immediate home environment. Don’t be shy to ask questions. Most of all, be sensitive to your instincts as you try to come up with a wise decision that will ultimately affect the health and well-being of your family.

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