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Socks with Comfort and Style

Some may think about socks as not very essential but this notion is wrong as there are a lot of reasons why wearing socks is vital.

First and foremost reason, socks are worn to absorb the sweat released by the feet. When choosing the right socks, one of the criteria is to select a breathable pair to avoid further complications such as foot disease and whatnot.

Socks come in different shapes and sizes as well as the materials that they are made from. Socks can either be made from natural materials or synthetic materials which have various functions according to the advantages provided by the materials.

Protecting the feet from cold is one of the basic purposes of socks. Prehistoric humans basically use animal skins that were tied on the ankles and socks were then improved over the years with Greeks as the pioneers in using matted animal hair for warming the feet and for comfort as well. In 1589, the knitting machine was invented wherein socks were also improvised and different varieties were created.

The circular knitting machine was often used for the mass production of various socks.
Socks are popular anywhere as they are practical and stylish which makes them great for giving presents. Yo Sox Canada is a well known sock store that provides a wide variety of sock choices that are of high quality.

You may have heard that the socks a person wears will give you a perception about his or her personality. The following are some types of socks and what they say about the person wearing them.

Knee High Socks
A person wearing knee high socks say about the person’s conservative personality which could also mean the parent’s strict upbringing or if it is stylish it could also mean the person’s creativity.

Vintage Socks
An individual who wears classy socks could mean a personality that is more authoritative or stern.

Stylish and Fun Socks
An individual who wears colored socks or socks with various types of prints could mean a person who loves adventure or an extrovert.

Brightly Colored Socks
A person with a bright disposition in life could be implicated when a person wears bright colored socks. There are bosses or managers who wear fun printed or bright colored socks to indicate their fun side and that they are not just boring people who love to order others all the time.

Plain Socks
A person who loves routine and always conforms to the norms is implicated of a person who wears white socks.

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